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Interesting fact about ghee

  • Ghee has been seen to enjoy a core position in the taste of foods for years now. Not only does it fuel the body with good fats, the richness of vitamins, conjugated linoleic acid, and butyric acid also offers the necessary benefits to the body. Having its roots in Ancient Ayurveda, the four different flavors of Super ghee (organic ghee, roasted garlic ghee, turmeric ghee, and Himalayan pink salt ghee) also helps in the healing process. The hygienically processed ghee also comprises natural pre-biotics that help calm the body and relaxes the mind. The production of Super ghee at a higher temperature makes it a clarified option for the consumers. Thus, making the consumers enjoy every flavor with needed benefits. Knowing that not every ghee in the market is free from lactose and casein, we make it one so those intolerant to dairy products can also enjoy the benefits. Thereby, a healthier option for everyone.
  • Super ghee is a super alternative to any oil as is produced at a higher smoke point. Be it frying, routing, sautéing, baking, etc., the use of ghee adds more to the taste.
  • Super ghee and its’ super flavors are 100% organic and grass-fed ghee. The production is done at a higher smoke point compared to all the oil. Thus, an ideal cooking solution for any kind of meal.
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